This template is a sample infobox, to aid in the creation of new infoboxes.

Recommended usage: copy the template code to a new template page, and edit it there.

Infobox and template background

See Help:Templates and Help:PortableInfoboxes for some background on how templates and infoboxes work.

Other notes

  • The Title, First, Second, and Third rows show "Unknown" if their values are not specified.
  • The Image, Imagecaption, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth rows won't show up if their values are not specified: they are each completely enclosed in an 'if' statement.


 | title         = 
 | image         = [e.g. "Example.jpg"]
 | caption       = 
 | first         =
 | second        =
 | third         =
 | fourth        =
 | fifth         =
 | sixth         =


 | title         = A pretty flower
 | image         = Example.jpg
 | caption       = Floweris flowerum
 | first         = Pink and green
 | second        = Outdoors
 | fourth        = Annual

Results in...

A pretty flower
Basic Info
Type Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Evolves From Unknown
Evolves Into Unknown
Additional Info
Held Items Unknown
Egg Groups Unknown
Hatching Time Unknown
Catch Rate Unknown
Gender Ratio Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Leveling Rate Unknown
Base XP Yield Unknown
EV Yields Unknown
Pokédex Color Unknown
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